There are women that suffer from redness in small or even large areas of their face, and they have no idea how to bring that redness down a notch. These tips may not make your redness go away completely, but it will help you gain a little control over it.

1. Use a delicate cleanser. Some of the cleansers that we use on our faces are too harsh for our skin type. Try using a cleanser formulated for sensitive skin. 2. Be careful with the exfoliators. If you use an exfoliator, use one that barely exfioliates. Or you can use an exfoliator on all the other areas of your face except for the red areas. 3. If you’re a woman, use a concealer on your red areas. There are green colored concealers that cover redness. Use a little at a time. Dab a bit on the area and blend it in with your fingers. You can also use a concealer that matches the color of your skin, but make sure the concealer has a yellow undertone instead of pink or peach undertones. 4. Wear an SPF 25 for extra protection. In the daytime, prevent sun damage by wearing and SPF. It’s very important. Sun damage can make the redness even redder. 5. Wear a full coverage foundation. There are medium to full foundations that can give your skin the coverage you need. One of them is Clinique Redness Solutions SPF 15 Foundation Review made by my teacher friend from Kinderdagverblijf Leiden. Click the link to read a short review on the product.