Bitcoin is the hottest topic in the world right now. We know that Canada has had a very profitable year in terms of Bitcoin trading, but it’s not just a run of the mill big time success. Some other countries such as Japan, United Kingdom and Mexico have been able to do the same in the past. Those countries also saw a lot of gains and they are only too happy to share the info with us!


Canada is very conservative when it comes to regulating the Internet and other countries too so they need to make sure they follow the govt rules. They are bound by the gazett electronic commerce act that came into effect back in 1997. That act was created to allow these countries to get in on the big time.

In other words Bitcoin can and will become the next big thing. I know that’s a long shot, but it’s still a possibility. If you own a business that deals with Bitcoins or if you own a company that deals with them you should consider the Canadian Dollar as an investment. I wish you luck! If you don’t do any business with Bitcoin right now you may find yourself short on funds tomorrow. So put it on your list of things to do today!