Basements can be dark and dingy. If you plan on making this your kids’ play area, you will first have to make sure to choose proper lighting.


Look for a certified electrician who can give you advice on what works best for your house. Once that’s finished, you can move onto the fun part: decorating! Here are some themes you can try out:
Classroom theme:

  1. Color scheme can be primary colors; red, blue, yellow, green. Paint the walls a bright lemonade and border the ceiling with a creative trim. Find your local teachers’ supply store and look for an alphabet wall border. There are many creative alphabet borders that illustrate each letter with animals, objects, etc. You can also find borders that teachers use for bulletin boards.
  2. Buy some chalkboard paint and paint a large square or other shape on one wall. Paint a cute trim around the border, or buy a fun border from a teachers’ supply store. Your child will now have their own permanent chalkboard, and will be able to draw on the wall without making a mess!
  3. Buy posters and large maps. Posters can be educational, such as illustrations of the solar system or numbers, etc. Use these to decorate the walls. You can also make your own posters by taking a photo or piece of artwork to a copy shop, have them enlarge and laminate it.
  4. Buy a small desk and table amp; chairs set. There are also many options for storage, such as cubby stands, mini-lockers, and shelves that you can place small baskets in to hold toys.
  5. For the floor, purchase foam inter-locking puzzle mats and/or playroom area rugs. There are many rugs to choose from, including alphabet/numerical rugs, as well as railroad and automobile-themed rugs.

Nature theme:

  1. For the more ambitious decorators, try hand-painting a woodland or jungle theme on the walls. For a more dramatic effect, paint all the way around the room on all available walls.
  2. For a smaller project, hand-paint a large window that looks “outside”. To do this, paint a tall rectangle. Make a trim around the edges in white, then paint an outside scene with grass, trees, birds, blue sky, etc. For an added 3-D effect, buy or build a small white shelf that you can install right underneath the bottom trim, to act as a “ledge”. You can also install a curtain rod above and hang curtains from it, which makes for an awesome playing-house feature!
  3. One way to make a small space seem bigger is to paint the ceiling a bright and light color. The ideal for this scheme would be to paint the sky on your ceiling. Simply paint a sky-blue color, then buy a large, soft sponge and use that to paint clouds. Make sure to paint different shapes and sizes that can be imagined as different animals and things. You and your children can lay on your backs and pretend to watch the clouds roll by!
  4. For a fun jungle theme, you can hang “vines” from the ceiling. If possible, you might look into installing built-in ropes that a child can hang from. If you choose to do this, make sure to check with a licensed contractor to ensure that they are installed safely and correctly. If not, make sure the vines are too high to be reached by children.

No matter what the theme, you can create a custom, imaginative area for your kids to play in. Visit your local teachers’ supply store; there is so much to be inspired by, and you can find many unique items that are not available at major chain stores. This will give your room an individual style that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Above all, have fun!