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Role Of Charitable Organisations Are Imperative – Why?

Role Of Charitable Organisations Are Imperative – Why?

Charity organisations have always played a pivotal role in the society that we live. However, people have different perspectives about charity, and that is the reason as to why people sometimes oppose the presence of service and charitable organisations. A lot of people think that if that if they ever had access to people who are in need of help, they wouldn’t care about these services organisations and help themselves. So here are some of that you have to know in case if you are asking why the world needs NGOs and charitable organisations.

They link people:
The charitable funding system happens across the globe. When you do charity, it is not always for the person-next-door or the person you know. Also, charity is something that has to go globally. Don’t you think that you will be happy if your charity reaches someone in Somalia? It is quite impractical for you to think that you can do it all by yourself as you very know that it is not possible. That is why we need charity organisations that connect people.

No favouritism:
The next thing that charity organisations can work against is favouritism. Most NGOs resolve that they wouldn’t be lending a helping hand carrying their own grudge and favouritism in their hearts. This is possible only through third-party organisations. If not for them, it is not possible for people to connect with people who belong to different faith and downtrodden caste. A person of Catholic faith might help a person who belongs to the church and not anyone else. But this charity goes beyond religion and faith.


Helps government:
Governments are also highly benefited because of the presence of these charitable organisations. People who belong to NGOs and charitable organisations act as volunteers in many government-run programs and help in creating awareness in different fields. They consider this a part of their charity. Also, since these governmental organisations work for the betterment of the people, it automatically helps in the growth of the nation and reduces poverty and illiteracy to a greater extent.

There are actually positive results:
With the help of these service organisations, the world is actually able to see a lot of positive differences, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Forget about the results, the news of the nations that are going through unbearable poverty came out only because of the presence of these organisations. People were able to trust, and they came forward to make contributions.

People still trust the work of organisations:
Most people in the world are still ones who believe in the existence of these organisations. Like those who believe that charity organisations can be a hoax, there are also people who strongly believe that their money is safe when they contribute it through NGOs and that is wrong. That is why we need charity organisations to coordinate these people and get them to extend a helping hand.

Charity Doesn’t Reach The Right Place. What Should We Do?

Charity Doesn’t Reach The Right Place. What Should We Do?

Charity is one of the most required acts of humanity. The world is in need of charity doers. But does it end there? Do you think that if more people start donating the problems of the world will come to an end? We do not think so. We, in fact, contradict with the very first statement. Even today we believe that there are a lot of people who are involved in charity, but still, the world hasn’t gotten over poverty, illiteracy and child labour. So, where does the real problem lie? That is what we are going to see here.

The real problem: Infiltration in charity
The real problem with charity is that they aren’t properly channelised, and they do not reach the hands of the poor and the needy. That is why we still witness global suffering. If you are a do-gooder, you will obviously wonder as to where all the money in the world goes. We know some people swindle a lot of money but how does that affect the charity that commoners do? This is one of the biggest questions of the 21st century. Even if we take the global economy, we still know that people are suffering from instability in growth. While one country’s growth multiplies, the other country’s growth deteriorates. This imbalance is witnessed globally for a very long time. That is when people introduced the concept of charity. People who have will contribute a portion of their wealth to people who do not have.


A lot of people were ready to donate and a large number of them ready to receive, but there was nobody to connect them. That is when social organisations came into the picture. These social organisations were said to collaborate with the ones who would donate and the ones who would want it. Though things initially seemed right, then something went wrong, and these charities stopped reaching the right place. Nobody knows if they were hoarded or are simply going to wrong places where people are not in need of money.

We are not blaming:
The first thing that you have to understand is that we are not blaming, we are simply helping you understand that the money that you donate might not reach the hands of the needy. At the same time, you cannot lose trust on these social organisations as they actually have a role to play in the society, because, if it were not for them, then the poor and needy would suffer more. We simply have to make sure that the help is channelised in the right way. As far as possible we will have to help the needy people directly. This way we can make sure that our help reaches the right place.

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